Labour Market Survey:

A labour market survey is a survey designed to extract the following information: 

  • A company’s employment profile
  • Current job opportunities
  • Proposed job dislocations
  • Present vacancies
  • A company’s training profile
  • A company’s employability needs (inclusive of attitudinal qualities, life skills requirements and current staff productivity)

This information allows users to: 

  • Monitor type of training which has occurred; 
  • Determine areas where more training is needed; 
  • Provide realistic assessments of current and future labour and employment patterns; 
  • Generate policies for employment and training; 
  • Labour market statistics are obtained through sector surveys. These are completed over a four – six month period and 
  • A combination of both quantitative (survey instrument with closed-ended questions) and qualitative methodologies (focus groups) are used to extract information from the employers.

The information from these surveys can be used by:

  • Students
  • Training Providers
  • Employers
  • Researchers
  • Government Stakeholders
  • Private Sector Stakeholders